Density class D xray

Gypsum Blocks EN 12859 – lead-free radiation protection

MultiGips D100-R48 contain barium sulphate as the determining material for their suitability as radiation protection Gypsum Blocks. These are standard-compliant Gypsum Blocks according to EN 12859 with the additional property “radiation protection”. For the vast majority of dental devices and all mammography devices, standard-compliant Gypsum Blocks are already sufficient without the additional property of “radiation protection”.

Gypsum Blocks, high density (D dense)


MultiGips D100-R48


Solid Gypsum Block, barium sulphate containing
Wall thickness 100 mm
Density approx. 1,400 kg/m³
Non-combustible, Euro class A1
Technical Data Sheet (PDF)  
Safety Data Sheet (PDF)  
Nonverbal instruction (PDF)  

Technical details
Dimension (length x height) 400 x 500 mm
Block requirement per 1 m² wall 5
Water absorption class H3
Water absorption no requirements
Color reddisher
Weight per unit approx. 28 kg
Weight per pallet approx. 672 kg
Units per pallet 24 pieces, 2 packages
Wall space 4.8 m² per pallet
Mat.No. 781