Fillers/smoothing compounds

Fillers EN 13963

Closing joints, smoothing surfaces, finishing rooms: Fillers are extremely high-performance building products with reliable application properties both for high-quality dry construction systems and for the perfect surface finish of plane solid components. Whether as a powdered gypsum filler material according to EN 13963 or as a ready-to-use, pasty interior plaster based on an organic binder according to EN 15824: MultiGips interior fillers support modern finishing with fast, economical workability and professional results.


MultiGips CasoFill Super 50

CasoFill® Super 50

Filler/smoothing compound EN 13963 Type 3B/4B
For filling gypsum board joints (with and without reinforcing strips)
For full-surface fine levelling in dry construction
Also for low and normally absorbent rough surfaces and concrete

Technical details
Wet mortar yield approx. 1,250 l/t
Layer thickness 0,1-4 mm
Consumption as finishing product approx. 0.8 kg/m²
Yield 1 mm approx. 31 m²/25 kg Sack
Setting time approx. 0:50 h:min
Compressive strength ≥ 8.0 N/mm²
Reaction to fire Non-combustible, Euro class A1
Mat.No. bag 25 kg; pallet (40 bags) 304
Mat.No. bag 5 kg; pallet (120 bags) 303
Technical Data Sheet (PDF)  
Safety Data Sheet (PDF)