Slim building

Anyone responsible for modern residential construction chooses solid partition walls from VG-ORTH. The walls erected parallel to the building shell are only filled – cost and time estimates for plastering work are regularly omitted as a result. The slim wall cross-sections thus remain slim and require considerably less construction space: in direct comparison with other interior wall systems, MultiGips Gypsum Blocks, in particular, which are only 80 mm thick, can achieve considerable additional revenue – up to several 1,000 euros per residential unit!

Small area-related masses also allow flexible floor plans – and the ceilings can be significantly smaller in size. Openings can also be arranged subsequently in the monolithic components. Wall-hung components of the equipment – especially in barrier-free construction – can be fastened with commercially available dowels: Internal support stands and cavities do not have to be taken into account, and cross beams for heavy contrast loads do not have to be installed additionally.


The 80s gypsum blocks from MultiGips
Partitions – worthliving, worthwhile