Fire protection

Non-load-bearing partition walls, shaft walls, facing shells, column cladding: Gypsum Blocks offer up to three hours of protection against heat transmission or flame flashover with simple assembly without special constructions. Gypsum is a non-flammable mineral building material of building material class A1, which does not increase the fire load in a building. However, gypsum also makes an active contribution to preventing the spread of fire: about 1 square metre of 100 mm thick partition wall contains about 19 litres of crystalline bound water, which is released in the event of fire and protects the component.

According to Commission Decision 96/603/EC, MultiGips Gypsum Blocks according to EN 12859 are assigned to fire behaviour class A1 (no contribution to fire development), as they contain less than 1% by weight of organic substances. According to DIN 4102-4 (2016) they are classified in DIN 4102-1 (1998) as non-combustible building materials for non-load-bearing internal partitions with classified fire resistance.


Fire assessment report
The Fire Resistance Performance of a Non-Loadbearing Partition Wall Assembly